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Dakota Dry Bean History

After managing dry bean processing plants for 12 years, David Polries founded Dakota Dry Bean, Inc. in 1998 as a dry bean marketing company for local dry bean growers in Grand Forks, ND and East Grand Forks, MN.

In March 1999, Dakota Dry Bean began marketing dry peas for Washburn, ND area growers. By August 1999, cleaning equipment was purchased, and Dakota Dry Bean, Inc. began cleaning peas in Washburn and East Grand Forks. In October 1999, splitting equipment was developed, and by December of that year, a warehouse was purchased in East Grand Forks.

Dakota Dry Bean continued to expand with the purchase of a facility in Crary, ND in 2002, Devils Lake, ND in 2004, a new barley pearling line in East Grand Forks in 2007 and the building of a new receiving facility in Lansford, ND in 2008.

In March 2011, Dakota Dry Bean, Inc. finished building a new processing facility in rural Devils Lake to produce pea starch, pea flour and pea protein.

3301 30th Ave S. - Suite 103
Grand Forks, ND 58201